The Murgia and the town of Cassano delle Murge

In the Alta Murgia National Park and its protected territory you will be able to meet foxes, hawks and hedgehogs and observe its characteristic flora. Over the centuries, limestone combined with local knowledge has been used to create the structures that characterise the Murgia landscape, such as dry-stone walls, cisterns, trulli, casedde, jazzi and monumental masserie (farmhouses), the seats of rural life in the area.

Cassano delle Murge is one of the urban centres that make up the Murgian territory. It is set at the foot of the Bari Murgia. It has always been a local holiday destination and can count on the beauty of its landscape and on the presence in its territory of the Foresta Mercadante (Mercadante Forest), equipped with accommodation facilities and a small zoo, an increasingly frequent destination for excursionists thanks to its gymnastic and cycling routes.

Its karst terrain is dotted with caves, blades and ravines; the most important are the Grotta di Cristo, the Grave di Pasciullo and the Grotta di Santa Maria degli Angeli, over which stands the 15th-century Marian sanctuary of the Augustinian Fathers. Visitors to Cassano should not miss a sunset stroll through the pines and oaks of the Forest or through the winding streets of its historic centre.